19 January 2009

Dimitris Mamaloukas CURRICULUM VITAE

Dimitris Mamaloukas

Adress: Olytsika 11-13,
161 21 Athens, Grecce

E mail: apagogi@gmail.com,
Blog in greek: http://www.mamaloukas.blogspot.com/
Blog in English: http://crime-novels.blogspot.com/
Blog in italiano: http://demetriolucas.blogspot.com/

Dimitris Mamaloukas was born in 1968 in Athens, Greece, a city where he still lives and works. He holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Lecce, Italy.
He is a professional writer (published a series of novels-see below). He’s also the writer of a number of short stories published in Greek magazines and anthologies. He has worked as a translator/ interpreter (from the Italian language) and columnist in the newspaper Avgi tis Kiriakis and the magazines Diavazo, Index, Odos Panos.
Published works:

1999 “Oso iparxei alkool yparxei elpida” (As long as there's alcohol there's hope), (fiction) EDITIONS APOPEIRAIn 2001 a film ("As long as there's alcohol"...) was based in the book.

2003 “O Megalos Thanatos tou Votanikou”(The Great Death of Votanikos) (crime - thriller fiction) EDITIONS KASTANIOTIS(www.kastaniotis.com)

2005 “H apagogi tou ekdoti” (The kidnapping of the publisher), (crime fiction) EDITIONS KASTANIOTIS (www.kastaniotis.com)

2007 “H chameni vivliothiki tou Dimitriou Mostra” (The lost library of Dimitrios Mostras), (crime fiction) EDITIONS KASTANIOTIS (www.kastaniotis.com)

2008 “H monaksia ths asfaltou” (The loneliness of asphalt), (crime fiction) EDITIONS LIVANIS (www.livanis.gr)

2009 “Kopela pou se lene Fini” (Girl that you are called Fini), (fiction) EDITIONS LIVANIS (www.livanis.gr)(currently translated in Turkish, expected to be published in 2011 by Altin Bilek editions) (http://www.altinbilekyayinlari.com)

He is also one of the 10 writers of the “Greek Trespasses” (Ten crime mysteries) published in 2007 by Kastaniotis Editions. (translated in Italian: “Delitti Greci, dieci racconti poliziesci, Croccetti editions, Milano 2009”)

He has also participated in the following short stories’ anthologies:
“Ipogeies istories” (Stories of the underground) editions Athens Voice books 2008
“To teleftaio taksidi, endeka noir istories” (The last voyage, eleven noir stories) editions Metaixmio 2009

He has translated from Italian to Greek the crime fiction novel “La loggia degli innocenti” editions Diigisi 2006.

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